Fourth Generation Family Business

Lee Heights Monument was founded by Claude Wilson in the summer of 1960. He worked out of a single room building in the Lee Heights community, two miles outside of Lenoir City, TN. He worked with very little tools and crafted every monument along with being the salesman and secretary.

Due to his declining health, Claude’s son, Clarence, started working for the business in the summer of 1966. Claude passed the following September and Clarence took over permanently. Clarence Wilson has owned and operated Lee Heights ever since. Clarence expanded the company and eventually moved to our current location at 283 Monument Street in Lenoir City. Although Clarence still works full time at Lee Heights, his son, Glenn, has operated the company for the past fifteen years. Glenn has continued in his father’s footsteps and expanded the business to new heights while still upholding the family’s traditions of hard work and friendly service. Clarence and Glenn still work side by side every day to provide quality monuments at affordable prices to the people of East Tennessee. Glenn’s youngest son, Caleb, is currently working to become the next generation of Lee Heights, making their company a fourth generation family business.